Trevor Bauer Rips Scott Boras After Reportedly Being Accused Of Leaking Coronavirus Results

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer continued what has been called a “long-standing” beef with agent Scott Boras on Saturday, according to Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report. Bauer reportedly fueled the feud by posting on Twitter.

In the post, he claimed that Boras wants to shut Bauer’s video blog down. He also said the super-agent isn’t a “friend” to either players or fans of the baseball. He also said the exec isn’t even a fan of “marketing” the people he’s supposed to be representing.

“PSA to all the players reading this,” Bauer wrote. “He doesn’t care about you. He cares about himself and his ego. Be smart.”

The hurler tweeted earlier on Saturday that he was using the vlog he mentioned to document how teams are dealing with playing in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. The documentation was especially topical as the Reds’ series with the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend was canceled after several of Bauer’s teammates were said to be exposed to the virus. At least one player tested positive.

Bauer also claimed that the agent had a number of his clients accuse him of being the one who leaked the information about the positive test. Conway pointed out it’s not clear whether that actually happened or why the pitcher thinks the agent was behind it.

This is hardly the first time Bauer has ripped one of the most powerful figures in Major League Baseball. He previously went after the super-agent while the league was still trying to figure out just how it was going to return to play. Back then, the pitcher felt as though the exec was looking out for himself, rather than his clients.

If Bauer’s claims about how his vlog is at the center of the controversy this time around, it would be a more direct conflict in the past. Much like his claims that he’s had players and teammates turn against him after being accused of outing the member of the Reds who tested positive, it’s not entirely clear why he believes his vlog has been targeted at all.

Also on Saturday, Bauer tweeted about the website that would be showing his documentation of what it looked like when a team had to deal with a potential COVID-19 outbreak. He also went out of his way to directly call out Boras Corp., the agency headed by the super-agent. In that particular post, he said he would do the company’s work for them. As of Sunday night, there hadn’t been an official response to Bauer’s claims.

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