Lauren Burnham Gets Real About Her Struggle With Anxiety In Candid Post

Lauren Burnham, a former reality television star and the wife of former Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr., turned to Instagram on Friday, August 14, to share a very candid post. She included a close-up selfie and got real about her ongoing struggle with anxiety.

Unlike the usual cheerful posts she shares online, Burnham looked serious and somewhat sad in this particular selfie. She rested one hand on her head, and she appeared stressed. She kept it casual by wearing a white sleeveless tank top and black pants. She wore her blond hair down in loose waves and accessorized with two gold necklaces. One featured tiny stars while the other was a thick chain.

Burnham prefaced her lengthy caption by emphasizing that the topic of mental health and anxiety is not easy for her and that she is uncomfortable opening up. Nevertheless, she felt it important to share her experience of dealing with anxiety, not only now, but in the past as well. She explained that she typically likes to focus on positivity as much as possible but always wants to keep things real and honest.

Burnham went on to point out that even if it seems like she and others have it all together, no one’s life is perfect and everyone has struggles they are dealing with behind the scenes. She thanked her fans for their constant encouragement and reminded others that may be struggling with mental health that periods of anxiety or sadness will always pass eventually.

The candid post got a lot of love online, racking up over 19,000 likes in less than an hour after it was shared publicly. Burnham has 1 million followers on the platform overall. Her fans took to the comments section to thank her for her candor and commend her for her bravery. Others shared how they personally deal with anxiety and issues related to mental health.

“I feel this so hard, honey!! Please do not hesitate to ask your doctor for help. Asking saved my life, literally,” wrote one fan.

“I understand and a million other women get it, too! Breathe, momma. It is HARD! The best thing to do is admit/acknowledge what’s going on,” commented a second person.

This is not the first time Burnham has been raw and honest regarding personal issues. In May, she and Luyendyk opened up about recently suffering a miscarriage. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the pair still want to expand their family in the future, even if it takes longer than they may have expected.