Joe Biden Campaign Reportedly ‘Revels’ In Proving ‘Obama Brainiacs’ Wrong

As Joe Biden barrels toward the democratic nomination for President of the United States, Alex Thompson of Politico wrote on Friday that the former vice president and members of his campaign are enjoying proving his old boss wrong. Members of Biden’s team are reportedly especially reveling in making sure the “Obama brainiacs” are proven wrong for not believing Biden could ascend to the highest office in the land.

While there was much made of the friendship between VP Biden and President Barack Obama over the eight years the two served in the oval office, Thompson wrote there was strife from time to time. Any disagreements between the two, or more likely the camps who supported the pair, went from embers to fire last fall. That’s when Biden entered the 2020 presidential election and quickly became the front-runner.

Members of Biden’s campaign are obviously happy he is doing well. They’re even happier that they feel like they can hold him up as someone who is a better campaigner, especially on a one-on-one basis than the former POTUS.

Some aids reportedly have been bragging to reporters about how their boss wrapped up the democratic nomination quicker than his former boss did. Those same aides are said to have not forgotten that Obama was less than sold on the idea of Biden being his immediate successor.

Instead, Hillary Clinton was embraced as that successor because Biden had to bow out. Now he’s having even more success in the polls against Donald Trump than Clinton did. That’s also reportedly making aides quite happy.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden walk through the Crypt of the Capitol.

Thompson wrote that over the course of eight years, the two men at the center of the country did become genuinely close. It was the people that worked for them that had problems with each other more often than not.

The problem that most often struck a chord was that there were people in the West Wing who were often underestimating the former senator from Delaware. That was despite the fact that he managed to get himself in to the U.S. Senate at the tender age of 29 and became one of the most powerful democrats in the chamber.

Those close to Biden are said to have felt as though he could have been leaned on more during the eight-year reign. They felt he knew more about Washington than the POTUS and both camps should have been working closer together.

Now that the Biden/Harris election train is heading down the tracks, his campaign reportedly feels as though they are being vindicated.