Apple’s 2020 iMac Has Arrived And Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Apple has just released its 2020 iMac, and here’s everything you need to know, according to a report from CNBC.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it had been rumored for some time that the company would be releasing an updated iMac with a totally new design; however, Apple decided on a less flashy approach. The tech giant didn’t release a redesigned version of its desktop computer but instead offered internal upgrades — including a new camera, improved speaker and mic quality, a TrueTone display that allows better viewing in brightly lit spaces, and new 10th-generation Intel chips.

“Now more than ever, our customers are relying on the Mac. And many of them need the most powerful and capable iMac we’ve ever made,” Apple’s senior director of Mac and iPad Product Marketing said in an official statement. “With blazing performance, double the memory, SSDs across the line with quadruple the storage, an even more stunning Retina 5K display, a better camera, higher fidelity speakers, and studio-quality mics, the 27-inch iMac is loaded with new features at the same price. It’s the ultimate desktop, to work, create, and communicate.”

Up To 10-Core Processors And More Memory Capacity

The new iMac will now be powered by the latest 6- and 8-core 10th-generation Intel processors, which Apple said will offer pro-level performance for most tasks. There is also the option to upgrade to a 10-core option for the first time, with Turbo Boost speeds reaching 5.0GHz for up to 65 percent faster CPU performance. The new iMac also features double the memory capacity for up to 128GB. It’s worth noting that the machine’s RAM is still user upgradeable.

SSDs And Apple T2 Security Chip Across The Line

Apple has finally made the decision to remove its Fusion Drives from the newer iMacs. The 27-inch iMac now comes standard with solid-state drives across the board, which will not only offer faster speeds when it comes to launching applications and working with large files, it will also make the machine more future-proof. Apple’s Fusion Drive is a hybrid drive, made up of both a hard disk drive and a solid-state drive. Since its introduction, the drives have become outdated and more susceptible to failure. When it comes to storage space, the machines will come configurable up to 8TB.

The company has also included its T2 Security Chip, which provides an extra layer of security through on-the-fly data encryption. The chip will also ensure that software on the computer has not been tampered with.

Updates To 21.5-Inch iMac

As for the smaller model, the tech giant announced that it will come standard with solid-state drives across the board. The company also left the option to configure the device with its hybrid offering. It’s clear Apple reserved the major spec updates for the larger model.


Finally, for users still waiting for a freshly redesigned iMac, it’s possible that that model is still being worked on and could be released within the new two years with the introduction of Apple’s own ARM-based chips.

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