Jeanne Cooper Hospitalized In Critical Condition

Actress Jeanne Cooper was recently hospitalized for an unknown medical condition. She is currently in critical but stable condition.

The 84-year-old Young and the Restless star is reportedly in the Intensive Care Unit of a Los Angeles hospital. Cooper’s son, actor Corbin Bernsen, took to Facebook on Friday evening to ask fans for prayers. He described the situation as “pretty rough.”

“Won’t elaborate now, but I believe there’s still more purpose for her on this journey, but that’s not my call. I love her so much. I want peace for her. I hope this is okay to share with all of you who know and love her, you are my friends and in a sense part of my family and community.” Bernsen wrote.

He added, “We talk openly and honestly about a great many things and you have no idea how much comfort it gives me. Know that she’s resting peacefully and this is not a message meant to announce finality, not at all, but instead, ask you to have her in you thoughts through the night.”

Corbin Bersen update fans about his mother’s condition on Saturday. He stated that “the greatest boxers of all time aren’t half the fighter she is.”

He continued, “You have no idea how powerful your good thoughts are and what can come of using them for goodness and grace. I’m going to whisper into my mom’s ear today and let her know of your support. Asleep or awake, I know that she’ll smile, that wicked little smile that is only hers!”

Many of Jeanne Cooper’s co-stars on The Young and the Restless took to various social media sites to update fans after being hospitalized. Daniel Goddard posted an update which stated that the actress was “stable but sedated.”

Jeanne Cooper Hospitalized In Los Angeles

Kate Linder, Christian LeBlanc, Tracey E. Bregman, and CBS Daytime head Angelica McDaniel also issued updates about Jeanne Cooper’s status.

“Our thoughts, prayers and love are with Jeanne Cooper and her family as she rests and recovers,” McDaniel wrote in her Twitter post.

It’s currently unknown why Jeanne Cooper was hospitalized last week. She still in ICU at a Los Angeles hospital as of this writing Fans can stay up-to-date with her progress by visiting Corbin Bernsen’s official Facebook page.

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