Hannah Ann Sluss Celebrates Strong Women In New Post

Model and former Bachelor star Hannah Ann Sluss took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 29, and took part in the recent social media trend #womensupportingwomen. The campaign is intended to empower and support women. Sluss shared a stunning photo of herself, as well as photos of strong women in her life.

This new trend involves women sharing a black-and-white picture of themselves to social media. They are then supposed to nominate a female friend to take part in the challenge.

The first photo Sluss included in her upload was a beautiful selfie. She wore her long hair down in natural waves and was lying back on a couch as she snapped the photo. The 24-year-old kept it casual in a T-shirt and accessorized with a thin chain necklace. She appeared to be wearing some light makeup as she beamed at the camera.


The next two snapshots in the post were throwback images of her two grandmothers, Grandma Hannah and Grandma Carol Ann. Sluss could be seen as a little girl in the kitchen with both women.

In her caption, she explained that her own name was inspired by both women. She went on to describe just how much she has learned from her grandmothers, both of whom faced numerous challenges throughout their lifetimes. She expressed how much she looks up to them and aspires to be like them one day. Sluss also encouraged her followers to look for strong women in their own lives.

The post earned over 60,000 likes and many of her fans took to the comments section to compliment her on both the pictures and the inspiring message.

“Exuding strength, beauty, and confidence always,” wrote one fan.

“You’re such an inspiration Hannah Ann!! Definitely glad I got to watch you on TV, and see how strong and beautiful you are,” another person remarked.

“I look up to you so much, thank you for being the best role model ever,” one more person gushed.

Millions of images have flooded social media over the last several days with the hashtags “ChallengeAccepted” or “womensupportingwomen” attached. Many celebrities have decided to participate in the trend, including Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston posted a gorgeous black-and-white picture of herself to Instagram on July 28. She also used this as an opportunity to encourage her followers to get out and vote, particularly on issues that affect women. The post was a major hit online, earning over 3 million likes, as The Inquisitr previously reported.