After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance Ends Without A Deal, Baobab Finds A Way To Expand During Coronavirus Crisis

Baobab may have left Shark Tank without a deal, but the polo shirt-making company has found another business opportunity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

As TV Insider noted, the company appeared on the ABC reality show back in October 2019, seeking $100,000 for a 10 percent share from one of the investors; ultimately founders Brandon Davenport and Marcellus Alexander III did not make enough of an impression among the sharks to get a deal. They fought hard for the “perfect polo” shirt, which they said is made from a superior form of cotton known as Pima Cotton and using what they called BaoTech, which helps to ward off stains and wrinkles while protecting against odors.

The criticism appeared a bit harsh, including a dig at the hard-to-pronounce name. The name for the polo-maker comes from the legendary African tree, touting the importance of the name on its website.

“Legend has it that the Baobab tree can live thousands of years. The Baobab tree also provides nourishment to all whom collect its fruit and water. Just like the tree, BAOBAB Clothing Company has engineered and designed its shirt to be timeless with long-lasting wearability,” the Baobab website noted.

Baobab seemed to follow the same mantra, living on after what was a disappointing appearance on Shark Tank. While Davenport and Alexander left the show with no more money to invest, Baobab appears to have continued plugging along since the episode first aired. By the time it replayed in July 2020, the pair seem to have had already found another way to branch out. The outfit’s Facebook page now lists face masks to protect against spreading the virus, including bulk orders for $500.

The clothing maker also posted a video on its Facebook page showing employees hard at work on what appeared to be a new product. The post said only that “something new” was coming, but didn’t give any further hints about what it might be or when the new product would be available for purchase.

Whatever the mystery product might be, it seems clear that Baobab has been able to continue making progress despite what has been a tremendously difficult atmosphere for businesses. As The Inquisitr noted, many retail outlets are not expected to survive the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, and small businesses in particular have found difficulty. The attention from the television appearance may have helped, as Baobab’s appearance generated some buzz on social media at the time it was initially featured last year.

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