Black Fox News Staffers Are Reportedly Rebelling Against Network’s Alleged Racism

A Friday report from The Daily Beast spotlights Black Fox News staffers’ alleged internal rebellion against the network’s purported promotion of racism.

According to the piece, the clash began when the network’s African American workers confronted top executives after a graphic that linked the deaths of multiple notable African Americans to increases in the stock market. The Daily Beast claimed that the call included Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, President Jay Wallace, and HR chief Kevin Lord. The publication said the call was “immediately rife with tension” and “did not go well.”

One staffer made sure to note that Fox News executives gave everyone a chance to speak. Nevertheless, emotions reportedly punctuated the conversation, and the company allegedly apologized for its “insensitivity.” But despite this apology, The Daily Beast cited staffers who claim that the business has made minimal progress in addressing its purported racism.

“In the month since, on-air talent has continued to rant against the Black Lives Matter [BLM] ‘mob’ and proclaim that America is ‘under attack,’ while a top writer for Tucker Carlson’s show was ousted just last week for his pseudonymous racist and sexist posts on an online troll forum,” the report claimed.

The publication spoke to a dozen Fox News insiders who allegedly suggested that internal strife is growing due to employee perceptions of Fox News’ role in “demonizing and spreading fear” about African Americans.

Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

One employee was quoted as saying that Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who personally approved Carlson’s comments on his staffer’s racist messages, is complicit with the controversial host’s reputation and link to President Donald Trump.

“They created a cell — they created a white supremacist cell inside the top cable network in America, the one that directly influences the president… This is rank racism excused by Murdoch,” one employee was quoted as saying.

The individual is referring to Carlson’s alleged influence on the president, which has been reported on multiple occasions. Notably, his former writer, Blake Neff, was exposed for the racist and sexist comments he posted online. Critics of the host noted his own controversial stances and his recent attacks on the BLM protestors.

While Carlson has taken criticism for his comments on race, the recent report on the internal battle over the company’s purported race problem said that Laura Ingraham has also drawn the ire of workers. Such workers have reportedly begun to openly confront management about the purportedly anti-black rhetoric of hosts like Ingraham and her controversial colleague.

Editor’s note: Fox News reached out to The Inquisitr with the below statement.

“FOX News Media is committed to providing an ongoing dialogue targeting issues of diversity and workplace inclusion, which is why we recently took the unprecedented action of providing an open forum among an intimate group of diverse employees to candidly discuss this critical issue. We have long been a leader in cable news for featuring a broad range of voices, and will continue those efforts to ensure all views are respected and celebrated both on and off air.”