Mindy Kaling Shares Her Comical Attempt At A Charcuterie Board

Actress Mindy Kaling took to Instagram on Thursday, July 16, to share her comical attempt at a charcuterie board. Because Kaling didn’t have the ingredients of a traditional charcuterie display on hand, she had to make do with a few less healthy options.

Charcuterie displays have become increasingly popular on social media in recent months, with many celebrities trying their hand at creating their own platters. A usual charcuterie board will often consist primarily of meats and cheeses, with other appetizers such as crackers, nuts, fruit, olives and jams. All of these items are arranged in an artistic way to make the board visually appealing.

Kaling’s board did contain a few of the usual foods such as olives, crackers, nuts and blueberries, but the rest of the board consisted of mostly junk food items. A stack of Pringles were laid out across the platter alongside some Sour Patch Kids. Other comically out-of-place items on the platter were Reese’s candy eggs, white chocolate covered pretzels and Fig Newtons.

Kaling included a close-up photo of the board as well as an additional photo of herself posing with it in her kitchen. She wore a cheetah-print dress and hoop earrings as she posed by her granite island, the board visible in front of her.

In the caption of the post, Kaling tagged actress Reese Witherspoon, who has been known to put these types of boards together from time to time and share them on social media. The post quickly racked up likes, surpassing 99,000 in just one hour after it was posted. The former star of The Office boasts 5.4 million followers on Instagram overall.

Her many followers took to the comments section to share their amusement over the photos. Many people joked that they preferred Kaling’s take on charcuterie more than traditional displays.

“I mean honestly this looks like my ideal charcuterie board,” wrote one fan.

“I wasn’t interested in charcuterie boards until right now,” a second person commented.

“Can we make Pringles standard on all charcuterie platters going forward?” one more user joked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaling is very vocal about her sweet tooth on her social media pages. Most recently, she took to Instagram earlier this month to celebrate National Chocolate Day,which occurred on July 7.

In the hilarious photo, she sat at a booth in a restaurant, a mostly eaten box of truffles visible in front of her.

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