Tanner Tolbert Shares Comical Photos From His And Jade Roper’s Gender Reveal

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Tanner Tolbert took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 15, to share a series of photos from his and wife Jade Roper’s comically imperfect gender reveal. The reveal did not exactly go as planned.

The first photo included in the post was just prior to when Tolbert helped his young daughter, Emmy, set off a powder cannon. He crouched on the ground, a smile on his face as he assisted Emmy, who had both hands on the base of the cannon.

Emmy was decked out for the occasion dressed in a blue princess gown with sequins and a long train. Roper stood behind her in a pink jumpsuit, her hair down in loose curls. She smiled down at her daughter while holding their other child, Brooks, in her arms.

The second photo was taken just as the cannon went off. It sent blue powder into the air and revealed that the couple were expecting a little boy. The third photo was taken just as the dust settled, Tolbert making a comical expression of regret as he realized the powder had gotten on his daughter.

A clearly upset Emmy could be seen alongside him. Roper appeared to be laughing as she dusted the blue substance off her daughter’s face.

The final photo included in the post featured a close up look of Emmy crying, blue powder visible on her head and in her blond hair. It was unclear whether she was upset solely because the powder had gotten on her, or if she was crying because she had come to the realization that she would be getting yet another brother.

The post racked up plenty of likes, surpassing 11,000 in less than 30 minutes after it was posted. Many people took to the comments section to congratulate the couple and share their amusement over Emmy’s reaction.

“Poor little Emmy! But priceless memories right there,” wrote one person.

“Was she upset that it was a boy, or that you made her a smurf?” joked another person, referencing Emmy’s reaction.

“I love Emmy’s reaction and Emmy and Brooks are going to be the best big siblings ever,” one more person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this particular pregnancy was not planned by the couple.

“No, this one was not planned. Very much an accident, and very much a surprise when Jade told me,” Tolbert previously said of his reaction upon finding out about his wife’s pregnancy.

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