‘My 600-LB Life’ Doug Armstrong Update: See The 660-Pound Man’s Amazing Progress, Growing Family

Doug Armstrong has lost a lot of weight since appearing on My 600-LB Life — and he’s also gained some new family members.

Doug, who first appeared on Season 5 of the TLC docu-series, has made some amazing progress since he was first featured, losing more than 200 pounds. He is back in the spotlight after his episode re-aired on July 15, with many catching up on the man whose weight once reached dangerous levels.

There have already been some very positive updates from Doug’s weight-loss journey since that first appearance. As In Touch Weekly reported in 2018, he has lost weight and gotten a new outlook on life.

In a post on Facebook, Doug shared side-by-side photos of himself at his heaviest and another where he was noticeably slimmer.

The road hasn’t always been easy for Doug, and it was clear that he was affected by the loss of fellow My 600-LB Life subject James “L.B.” Bonner, who passed away in 2018. At the time, he took to Facebook to share his condolences and remember L.B.’s spirit.

“We’ve really been kinda lost in thought the last week,” Doug wrote on Facebook, via InTouch. “We woke up last Thursday to the news that we lost a great friend. I guess we’ll never really know why, but we do know that he was a great guy, and a real inspiration to me personally. I have rarely met a kindred spirit like him. He had the same sense of humor as me and really understood my point of view as the BIG guy. He made people laugh and always seemed very happy. I am keeping his family and friends in my prayers and will never forget him. Rest in heaven L.B. Bonner.”

Doug continues to show off his weight loss on Facebook and also shows off his apparently happier disposition with life. He has shared many pictures of family activities during the coronavirus pandemic, including one where he wore a face mask and posed for the camera. While many of those featured on My 600-LB Life have struggled with mobility, he appears to be getting around much easier than when he was carrying more than 600 pounds on his frame.

And while Doug may have lost plenty of weight since first appearing on My 600-LB Life, he’s also gained some family members. Doug and his wife took to Facebook last year to share that they are expecting baby No. 4, who joined the family in September 2019.

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