‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Believes Denise Richards Lied About Daughter’s Reaction To Racy Conversation

Kyle Richards isn’t buying Denise Richards‘ claims regarding her daughter Sam Sheen’s reaction to a racy conversation the two of them were having with their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars earlier this season at Denise and husband Aaron Phypers’ Malibu home.

During an appearance on the “At Home” version of Andy Cohen’s late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live, Kyle was asked about her thoughts on Denise’s claim that her 15-year-old child was affected by what she heard during the ladies’ dinner, which included comments about the love lives and past encounters of the cast.

“Watching it back, did you feel that Denise wasn’t truthful about Sami’s reaction to the threesome conversation?” Andy asked Kyle during the episode, as Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported on July 9.

“I don’t feel she was truthful,” Kyle admitted.

According to Kyle, she believes Denise said she was offended and upset about the way in which her kids, and their friends, were exposed to her cast mates’ racy banter in an effort to paint them in a negative light on the show. She then said that Denise’s behavior was nothing more than an “old Housewives trick” that she and her co-stars are quite savvy to.

“I think she intentionally said that,” Kyle claimed.

Kyle then said that when it came to Sam’s supposed reaction to the comments made by the cast, Denise’s daughter didn’t actually care about what was said between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. She even suggested that Sam didn’t actually hear the conversation they were having together because she and her friends were too far away from where they were sitting.

“I don’t even know, actually, if they really could hear. They seemed like they were sitting far away from us,” Kyle alleged.

As fans saw during an earlier episode of RHOBH, Denise brought up the issues with the cast while in Santa Barbara, saying that while it takes a lot to offend her, she was taken aback by the way in which the ladies’ conversation impacted her child and ultimately apologized to Sam for what she heard.

Denise Richards appears in ‘RHOBH’ cast photo.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kyle previously addressed the issues she had with Denise on Twitter when the episode in question aired. At the time, Kyle told her fans and followers that she felt as if Denise was participating in a “set up.”

“Clearly Denise had this conversation with her daughter prior to this and decided to have this conversation on camera,” she shared.

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