Daphne Oz: ‘I Grew Up The Only Fat Kid In The Family’

Daphne Oz has opened up about her weight problems in her younger years, describing how she “grew up the only fat kid in a crazy health nut family.”

The wellness and health enthusiast, co-presenter of ABC’s The Chew, was interviewed on The Daily Shot, where she confessed, “I grew up the only fat kid in a crazy health nut family.”

Oz, the 27-year-old daughter of surgeon and author Dr. Mehmet Oz, says her “wake-up call” came when she was still a teenager.

A high school prom picture of Oz from that time spurred her into action. It’s an image that is reproduced in her new book, Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun. She told Daily Shot host Ali Wentworth:

“There’s a picture in this book of me at my prom at 180 pounds at 17. And it was a wake-up call to me.”

Daphne Oz has since lost the extra pounds she carried in her teen years, and discussed how she changed her attitude towards food. She revealed the five things she keeps in her kitchen that help her make food that’s both nutritious and simple to prepare.

Her list included canned beans (a healthy addition to stews, tacos, and stir-fries), canned jellies and sauces (for extra flavor), dried grains (quinoa and brown rice being inexpensive favorites), and healthy snacks, such as chopped vegetables, nuts, and soy crisps.

As Oz says, “The key is to set yourself up for success by having things in on hand that are going to do most of your work for you.”

You can check out Daphne Oz’s kitchen in the clip below:

[Image via Shutterstock.com]