‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ Spoilers: New Rumors Suggest Shocking BTS Shake-Up At The Final

Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding The Challenge: Total Madness, including the season’s winners.

It’s only a few weeks until the finale of The Challenge: Total Madness, but spoilers regarding who wins the final have been out since October of last year. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Jenny West reportedly landed in first place in what TJ Lavin called the most difficult final ever. However, a comment made by Chris “Swaggy C” Williams on last Wednesday’s episode has some spoiler-privy fans scratching their heads regarding the season’s winners, and a new rumor is shedding light on a last-minute shake-up at the final.

Before heading into elimination, Swaggy commented that he wanted his wife, Bayleigh Dayton, to win the million-dollar prize if he couldn’t. His statement made it sound like there was only going to be one winner for the season, but fans who read spoilers knew that there were, in fact, two. Popular and notable Challenge spoiler account @GamerVev spilled some tea shortly after fans began questioning what really happened at the final.

“Kyle [Christie] claims the season was rigged for Bananas & was pissed after the final filmed because they had to reshoot a segment which he claims is how Bananas won. + saying there was only supposed to be one winner (Jenny) but production pulled her to the side & she was fine w 2 winners,” the insider tweeted.

If the rumors are true, this means Jenny won the final on her own, but production changed things after the fact, which made Bananas a winner as well. How things were changed is foggy, but some are suggesting a portion of the final was done over, which changed the outcome. It looks like the last minute change went from one overall winner to one female plus one male winner.

“I’ve never bought into the many “rigged” rumors I’ve heard before – but I do actually believe (based on all I’ve heard from multiple sources) that this season was definitely rigged for Bananas to win,” @GamerVev added.

How the prize money is distributed is still a mystery. Under the spoiler post, some fans said Johnny and Jenny split the $1 million, while others said they each got their own seven-figure check. This will not be confirmed until the finale airs. Unfortunately for fans who love the behind the scenes gossip, this likely will never be 100 percent confirmed because of contracts and NDA’s the cast signs.


This rumor also explains the change in the season’s title. Originally, it was reported that Season 35 was called Battle for Independence, but ended up being changed to Total Madness after filming wrapped. Battle for Independence followed the individual format for the season and would have coincided with an independent winner.

Second place for the season went to Kyle and Kaycee Clark, third place to Cory Wharton and Bayleigh, and fourth place to Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and Melissa Reeves.