Donald Trump Slammed After Tweet Asking If ‘The Supreme Court Doesn’t Like Me?’

Donald Trump took to Twitter earlier, musing that perhaps the Supreme Court doesn’t like him, and many users on the popular social media platform slammed the president. His tweet came seemingly in response to the court’s ruling today on the Trump administration’s effort to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protections, which protect nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

“Do you get the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?”

The tweet received plenty of attention, with nearly 118,000 likes and almost 48,000 retweets. Plus, approximately 80,000 Twitter accounts replied to the president’s question, and many of those replies slammed him for even asking. Some noted that the highest court in the land values the rule of law, and is not worried about liking or not liking the president. Some seemed appalled that the president would assert that the court’s decisions had anything to do with the individual justice’s feelings about him.

“No, but I get the impression that the Supreme Court realizes that you are a danger to America, and they KNOW that you are NOT ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW!” wrote one user.

Rob Anderson, a Democratic candidate from Louisiana for the United States House of Representatives let the president know that it is pretty likely that the court’s decision was not even about him specifically.

“Not everything is about you. I feel chagrined that it is necessary to type that,” Anderson said.

Economist David Rothschild also chimed in, incredulous that the president felt the Supreme Court’s recent decisions were personal.

“President Trump thinks that the Republicans Supreme Court not letting Trump deport 100,000’s of hard-working people who came here as children (to countries many have never seen), or let companies discriminate against LGBTQ, is a personal attack on him?” Rothschild asked.

Many others claimed that, simply, nobody likes Trump.

“I get the impression no sane person likes you,” Scott Dworkin replied.

A lot of the replies seemed intended to remind Trump that the Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on cases regarding his tax returns, the release of which he continues to fight, despite promising to make them public when he was a candidate.

Some Twitter users defended the president, especially regarding taxes, stating that he filed them based on the system that the U.S. government had created.

In its ruling today, the Supreme Court said that it was not deciding about the DACA policy itself. Instead, it ruled that the agency had not complied with procedures or provided a reasoned explanation for taking action.

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