Suzanne Morphew Still Missing, Husband Barry Files For Her Guardianship

Suzanne Morphew of Colorado remains missing, and now her husband, Barry Morphew, has reportedly filed a petition for her guardianship. Suzanne, a mother-of-two, was originally from Indiana and moved to Colorado with her husband in 2018. On June 1, Morphew filed for her guardianship in Hamilton County, Indiana, claiming that his wife is "incapacitated," according to Crime Online.

Suzanne went missing on Mother's Day, which was Sunday, May 10, while going on a bike ride. At the time, she had been the only one home. Her husband had reportedly been miles away in Denver, while her two adult daughters were out of the state on a camping trip.

The daughters became concerned when they could not get in contact with her and so they alerted a neighbor who contacted the authorities. The family's home was searched, as was Morphew's recent job site.

Documents obtained from the Hamilton County Superior Court in Indiana describe the details of the petition, which is still pending. It describes Suzanne as having been "deemed incapacitated under Indiana Law because she cannot be located upon reasonable inquiry."

Even though they no longer live in the state, the couple still co-own a home in Indiana. Because she is the co-owner of the property, Morphew won't be able to sell the home until she signs off on it. Given the fact that she is missing, there is no telling when or if this will ever be possible. The property in question is currently under a contract that is set to end on June 6, 2020.

"The need exists for the appointment of a guardian of the alleged incapacitated person in that she cannot be located upon reasonable inquiry and property in Hamilton County, Indiana, needs to be sold," he said.

Catherine Seal, a Colorado-based attorney who practices guardianship, discussed whether or not it is likely that Morphew will be awarded guardianship of Suzanne. She explained that because this is a missing person case there is no telling which way things will go.

"It's the wild west. There's no uniformity. Guardianship is the red-headed stepchild of the probate court," she said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Fire Chief Robert Bertram gave an update to the press at the end of last month regarding how Morphew is doing in the midst of his wife's disappearance.

"The last report I got from people is that [Barry] is having a difficult time sitting still, and pacing back and forth, constantly looking out the window, hoping he can see her," he said.