Post Malone Denounces Racism In New Statement, ‘A Platform Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’

Rapper Post Malone released a statement on Saturday, May 30, regarding the racial division the U.S. is currently facing following the death of George Floyd. Malone is not one to share personal messages or discuss controversial issues on social media. However, he felt that this time he could not stay silent regarding all that is going on, according to iHeartRADIO.

Floyd was an African American man who died while in the custody of Minneapolis police. Someone on the scene at the time recorded the incident. The video showed Floyd pressed to the ground while officers pinned him down, one pressing a knee to his neck so he could not breathe.

In an Instagram post, Malone revealed that he watched the video and was greatly disturbed not only by this particular incident but by the fact that incidents like this continue to happen all over the U.S. He revealed that he recognizes that he is in a position in which he can have influence and raise awareness regarding important issues.

“A platform is a terrible thing to waste, especially in times of heartache in our country and the entire world, and especially when someone has the ability to speak out,” Malone began.

He went on to say that he’s taken a break from social media in recent months for the sake of his own mental health, allowing others to post for him. He apologized for not speaking up regarding the Floyd video before now.

“I watched the video, and when I saw it, my heart sank into my stomach. I am so appalled and so heartbroken. I cannot believe in this day violence like that is so commonplace and still happening,” he continued.

He went on to plead for justice.

“I stand with George Floyd. I stand with everyone taking a stand. I stand on the side of love. The officers involved must be held accountable for what they did. This can’t continue to go on,” he wrote.

Malone concluded by sharing his appreciation for those that have stood up to protest in hopes of making a difference and fighting for justice. He urged them to take care of themselves during these difficult times and to remember that what they are doing is powerful.

Protests and riots have begun all throughout the nation as a result of Floyd’s death. Some protests have been peaceful, but many have resulted in chaos and violence. This was the case on Saturday night in Indianapolis, Indiana, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Protests in the city resulted in vandalism and multiple injuries.

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