Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Robert Continues To Spiral After Holly’s Death, Laura Tries To Help

Robert Scorpio got some bad news a few days ago that his ex, Holly Sutton, was dead. This past week on General Hospital showed the aftermath as he and Holly’s friends got together to reminisce and pay tribute to her. However, Robert is taking it quite hard and spoilers tease he will continue to spiral in the coming days.

The good news is that Robert has many people who love him and will be there for him. One unexpected person who will give Robert a shoulder to lean on is Laura Collins, as Soap Central indicated. She has a big heart and has been friends with Robert for a long time. She is busy with her mayoral duties, including trying to keep the new mobster in town, Cyrus Renault, from wreaking anymore havoc in Port Charles, but she will take the time to help her grieving pal.

Robert was drinking heavily at The Floating Rib a few days ago. Mac and Felicia were on hand to remember Holly. They ended up calling Anna, as well, to help Robert along. By the time she got there, he had quite a few drinks in him.

Peter August walking in with Maxie didn’t help his mood any either. He laid into him that he was responsible for Holly’s death. General Hospital fans assumed that he either had her killed or it was all fake to distract Robert from going after him. However, it really does look like Holly is dead.

It was also revealed that Peter didn’t actually want Holly dead, but he did order someone to take her in order to distract Robert. However, something appeared to have gone wrong, as Peter was upset that Holly ended up dead.

The truth will likely come out eventually on all that Peter has done, but in the meantime Robert will deal with his grief in a destructive way and spoilers say that Laura will be worried about him.

Robert and Holly were not together at the time of her death, but he still obviously loves her and now has regrets. Viewers were hoping this was all a hoax and Holly is still alive and well, but according to what Peter said, it appears something happened that resulted in her death.

This will likely have Robert even more determined to uncover Peter’s misdeeds. He has Maxie and Anna fooled, but Robert knows better. More General Hospital spoilers coming up this summer tease there may be more to Holly’s death than meets the eye.

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