‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cyrus Continues To Play Games And Make Threats

Cyrus Renault seems to be having a bit of fun by making the people of Port Charles squirm. This past week on General Hospital had the mobster making his rounds and leaving behind a series of subtle threats. He has made several residents uncomfortable, and even angry, especially Curtis Ashford.

As seen on Thursday’s show, Cyrus showed up at General Hospital at the same time that Trina was there visiting with her mom, Portia. Trina recognized Cyrus right away and confronted him about the murder of her dad, Marcus Taggert. He was obviously the one who had her and Cameron kidnapped and threatened in order to draw her dad out, which resulted in Trina’s dad being shot to death by Cyrus’ guys. Fortunately, Curtis also showed up with Jordan and got in Cyrus’ face. Soap Central indicated that Curtis’ anger will rise next week as his emotions will get the best of him concerning Trina and Portia.

Curtis feels responsible for the mother and daughter since he was unable to save Taggert, despite Trina blaming him for his death. Curtis stepped in to tell Cyrus to take a hike and to stay away from Trina and Portia. Curtis knows very well the games that Cyrus is playing and he is not willing to take part in them.

Just before his trip to the hospital, Cyrus also sat down with both Laura and Carly at the MetroCourt. He told them that he wants to invite them to his housewarming party and asked for Sonny and Carly’s address. He played a game of cat and mouse with both women, even making a subtle threat by telling Mayor Laura that he knows where she lives. That appeared to leave her rattled.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Curtis will be Portia and Trina’s protector from Cyrus. Of course, that won’t be to Trina’s liking, but she may realize that the mobster is a huge threat to her family and possibly warm up to Curtis eventually. There are rumors that Trina is actually her dad, not Taggert, but that premise has yet to be played out.

Cyrus is leaving his mark everywhere he goes. Since he was let out of Pentonville, he has done nothing but taunt everyone he comes into contact with, especially Sonny’s loved ones. Sonny told Carly that he was taking care of the situation very soon, but someone else could just beat him to it. There is much more to come as Cyrus won’t stop invading people’s lives in Port Charles.

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