'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Jason's A Target As Mob War Battle Lines Are Drawn

The week of April 27 will bring a major escalation in the mob war between Sonny Corinthos and Cyrus Renault, new General Hospital spoilers tease. Both mobsters are making plans to take down the other, and a new sneak peek suggests that Jason Morgan will be central in what comes next.

The preview posted on Twitter Monday morning provides a hint of what's next in this battle. Sonny will talk about watching for a moment where Cyrus lets his guard down and then pouncing to take him out. Sonny will be determined to eliminate Cyrus as a threat to his territory in Port Charles, just like he has done with everybody else prior to this.

Cyrus is making plans of his own though. The sneak peek shows him talking to one of his allies and it hasn't taken him long to figure out what kind of move would hurt Sonny the most. General Hospital spoilers detail that Cyrus will note that they have to take out Jason.

The idea that Cyrus would target Jason won't come as a surprise to Sonny or his right-hand man. Jason has already anticipated that he will be in Cyrus' crosshairs, which is why he has urged Sam to be careful and insisted they need to stay apart for now.

SheKnows Soaps shares that during Monday's show, Jason and Sonny will meet with Cyrus. There will likely be some posturing between the two sides, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that no real compromises will fall into place.

Sonny and Jason won't be the only ones trying to decide how to deal with Cyrus. Laura is working on this, too, but as mayor of Port Charles, she is coming at things from a different direction.

The preview for the week shows Laura asking Sonny to tell her what is really going down. Laura and Sonny do have a close relationship that goes way back, but there is only so much these two can openly share with one another on a topic like this.

It seems likely that Sonny will try to convince Laura that he has the Cyrus situation under control. Ultimately, however, both Laura and Sonny will surely know to some degree that this isn't true.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cyrus will be taking an interest in Portia and Trina in the days ahead. This will compel Curtis to get more involved with them, as he will be determined to protect them.

Cyrus' interest in building his business in Port Charles is wreaking havoc on many people's lives. It's clear that things are going to be heating up substantially during the week of April 27, and fans can't wait to watch.