Pete Davidson & His Mom Team Up With Adam Sandler’s Family For ‘Stuck In The House’ Quarantine Song On ‘SNL’

Pete Davidson teamed up with Adam Sandler for a virtual duet on Saturday Night Live. The two stars performed a pre-taped musical number as part of a star-studded remote episode of the NBC late-night show.

In the music video for the new song, “Stuck at Home,” Davidson and Sandler sing about being bored as they quarantine with their families amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Davidson kicks things off to reveal that he’s stuck at home with his mom and sister, is running out of things to talk about with them, and has nothing else to do since he already watched every episode of Ozark. The SNL regular is shown curling up to a bottle of hand sanitizer in his mom’s basement in Staten Island before saying he’s going crazy from quarantining. As Davidson raps about missing his friends, there’s a Zoom cameo from pals Tan France, John Mulaney, Judd Apatow, and more.

The camera then shoots over to the Sandler house, where the funnyman, who was a regular on SNL from 1990 to 1995, is staying safe with an underwear mask on his face. Sandler also says he’s making his own bread, using both sides of his toilet paper, and definitely not kissing his wife Jackie for fear of germs.

Sandler’s former SNL sidekick Rob Schneider makes a brief appearance in the video as he bangs on his pal’s window to convince him it’s okay to let him in. Sandler is later shown making out with his wife (he was kidding about the kissing) as his tween daughters Sadie and Sunny look on in horror.

The music video ends with the Sandler family holding up handmade signs as they thank first responders for all of their work during the pandemic. Davidson’s mom and Sandler’s daughters are credited with directing the hilarious video for the catchy tune.

In comments to Saturday Night’ Live’s YouTube video of the song, fans reacted to the surprise collaboration by the veteran cast members. Others noted that it’s about time Davidson got his due on SNL.

“The duet only SNL could deliver. Brought to you by: Corona,” one fan wrote.

“This was a collab we didn’t ask for but DEFINITELY needed,” another added.

“Pete is gonna have an entire album by the time this is over,” a third fan wrote. “He’s got features and everything? Insane.”

“Is this really what it took for Pete to take the spotlight? C’mon, Lorne,” another wrote, referencing SNL boss Lorne Michaels.

Davidson’s rap songs have been making headlines. On the first Saturday Night Live At-Home special earlier this month, he starred in a pair of homemade music videos for his tunes “‘Drake Song” and “Andre 2000.”

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