Mike Martz hired to run Bears offense

So the Chicago Bears finally got a guy willing to take over their defense, knowing full well that they must have a successful season or everyone gets fired. Really though Mike Martz is a guy that has been trying to get back into the league after a falling out with the Detroit Lions following the 2007 season. Many considered Martz to only be with the Lions as a stepping stone towards another Head Coaching position, but his success there cannot be overlooked. This a job with a lot of risk, and Martz is probably the one guy with enough offensive know how to actually pull it off.

As a fan of the Detroit Lions I saw Mike Martz’s handy work up close and personal for two NFL seasons. In those seasons Lions QB Jon Kitna threw for 4,000 yards. Martz’s last year in Detroit was 2007 and they went 7-9 which was the best Lions season in about a decade, and since he left they have won exactly two NFL games.

The point I am trying to make is Martz is an offensive genius, who can get any group to perform. The proof of that is his work with the Lions, the most pathetic organization around. Coaching up Kitna and having him run an aerial offense turned Kitna from a career backup into a legitimate NFL starter. In 2007 the Lions offense ranked 16th in the league since he left they have been the 27th best offense in the league. Those are numbers that are hard to ignore.

Now Martz’s challenge will be to work with Cutler who tends to be more of a gunslinger, than a pure pocket passer. I really believe that this is a good match, gunslingers tend to do well in the “Air Martz” attack, and if I were running a team in the NFC North I would be very nervous and look to add a lot of talent to my secondary.

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