Yannick Ngakoue Calls Out Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Tony Khan On Twitter, Tells Him To ‘Stop Hiding’

Yannick Ngakoue wants to get away from the Jacksonville Jaguars and he no longer cares who knows it. To that end, he took to Twitter on Monday afternoon, first tweeting at the Jaguars’ official account and then telling the team’s co-owner Tony Khan to “stop hiding.”

Ngakoue started out by going after the Jaguars’ social media account saying, “tired of the back and forth. Let’s get this s— done.” When that tweet apparently didn’t get the desired response, he went after Khan directly and sent a tweet saying “stop hiding moe.”

It appears “Moe” is a nickname Ngakoue or other Jaguars players have for the co-owner. The tweet directed at Khan did draw a response on social media. He responded on Twitter that he wasn’t hiding, rather was getting ready for this week’s NFL draft. He added he had been in isolation – as is most of the country – due to the coronavirus outbreak. Khan also dished out a bit of a zinger, saying he has been pretty active on social media but that Ngakoue wouldn’t know that because the player had unfollowed him. He added it wasn’t the first time Ngakoue had unfollowed him.

Ngakoue then appeared to feel as though Khan was taunting him and responded by saying he wanted them both to let the rest of the world in on the agreement the pair had made about last season’s game against the Chargers being the player’s last for the Jaguars. The star defensive lineman then claimed ownership had been “back dooring” him and wasn’t answering calls from his people.

Khan responded in another Tweet not long after, explaining it was a new regime in Jacksonville and that he still appreciated everything the player had done for his team. He also said tweeting insults at him wasn’t going to get Ngakoue traded any faster and only something of value in return would do that.

After the defensive lineman responded, “just trade me, I don’t need the speech,” Khan once again pointed out there needed to be compensation and so far, the team hadn’t gotten an offer it could accept. The Jaguars owner also made it clear once again he wasn’t happy with the way the Ngakoue was comforting himself sarcastically saying, “you’re really driving the price up today, btw.”

ProFootballRumors underlined the source of frustration for Ngakoue and the Jaguars. They report while the team has had discussions with other teams, there haven’t been any offers of substance. As Khan pointed out, the team’s ownership doesn’t think the star player’s behavior is helping things.

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