Beer At Nebraska Football Games Is ‘Not Going To Happen,’ According To Bill Moos

Nebraska football fans hoping to be able to drink a beer in memorial stadium anytime soon are going to be disappointed, as suggested by recent comments from athletic director Bill Moos.

While the Huskers’ athletic department — like athletic departments all over the country — is on standby, officials in the department are looking for plans to raise money quickly once sports returns. One source of revenue that was floated again this week was the sale of alcohol inside Memorial Stadium. It’s a revenue stream that has been suggested even before the coronavirus pandemic, though it was also rejected back then.

Tom Shatel of the Omaha World-Herald spoke to Moos on Friday about the idea of selling beer during games. The reporter claimed the athletic director didn’t even hesitate with an answer, giving an emphatic “no.” Moos then hedged a bit, claiming the decision was not entirely his.

“That is not going to happen. I’m not in charge of that, saying that will happen. That’s a decision above me. I do not see that happening in the future.”

Moos went on to say that while he is looking at finding ways to get people back into the stadium, it’s going to be more about comfort. He said the Nebraska football program isn’t really planning to up with new amenities. He then once again told Shatel offering beer inside the stadium is “not a topic” anyone in the athletic department is considering.

Nebraska football fans watch a game

The Huskers’ athletic director never did explain who — if not him — had the authority to make the call about offering alcohol at games. It stands to reason that the university president would have the ultimate say over that, but someone of Moos’ stature appears to have input at the very least.

This isn’t the first time Moos has gone on the record about his lack of desire to offer beer sales on game day. Back in 2017, not long after his arrival at Nebraska, he was asked about plans regarding alcohol. That time, the Associated Press reported that he shot down any idea of doing that. He’s reiterated those comments over the years and his latest remarks appear aimed at closing the door for the near future.

Considering Moos unsuccessfully tried to change the policy of offering beer at games when he was at Washington State in order to allow it, there were some Nebraska football fans who hoped he’d bring that plan with him to Lincoln. Instead, he’s doubled down on objections raised for decades by people like former head coach Tom Osborne.