Kenya Moore Reveals That Marc Daly Doesn’t Allow Her To Talk To His Parents: ‘I Was In The Dark’

Kenya Moore says that her husband, Marc Daly, isn’t transparent about every aspect of his life with her.

In a recent clip from Real Housewives of Atlanta, which can be found on Bravo‘s website, Moore explained how she and Daly didn’t always have open communication with one another. According to the outlet, Moore addresses the aftermath of the couple announcing their separation on the Sunday, April 5, episode of the series.

In one clip, Moore is discussing the separation with a friend and why she and Daly decided to part ways. As they were seated in Moore’s living room, she told her friend that she felt like she was losing herself in her marriage. She also explained that the two were frequently involved in fights with one another, which she said happened when she would try to have a calm and mature conversation with her husband.

“One of my issues with him is not being able to just have a conversation without yelling or anger or crossing lines. I know it’s not me, and I know how hard I’ve fought for this marriage,” Moore admitted. “I stopped caring about my feelings, and all I was doing was just trying to be everything he wanted me to be and work through everything as best I could to keep my family together.”

In her confessional interview, Moore said that, in addition to their constant fights with one another, she didn’t feel as if Daly was truly involved in their marriage. She expressed that her husband kept certain areas of his life away from her, including when it came to his loved ones. Moore shared that Daly even prevented her from talking to his parents since they’ve been married.

“I’m not allowed to speak to his mother or father,” Moore claims. “If you don’t know everything about that person’s life, you’re not being let in.”

Moore and Daly tied the knot in 2017 after just a few months of dating. Fans of RHOA know that the couple had a private wedding in St. Lucia without their family or friends.

Shortly after getting married, the couple had their daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly, 1. While discussing their plans to divorce, Moore told her friend that she was thinking about how she and Daly would work out their co-parenting schedules for Brooklyn now that they’re no longer together.

Since taping the show, Moore has said that she and Daly are now in a better place. The two are working on splitting their time with Brooklyn, which, as The Inquisitr previously reported, has been hard for the ex-couple due to coronavirus.

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