‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Intriguing Details About The Carly-Centered Episode Ahead

During the week of April 6, General Hospital spoilers hint that an episode focused on Carly will set the stage for some juicy developments. This show will toggle between present-day and flashback scenes and fans will not want to miss this one.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest shares some of the details. Eden McCoy, who currently plays Josslyn, will portray a young Carly.

In addition, Cynthia Watros (Nina) and James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) will step in as Carly’s adoptive parents Virginia and Frank. An actress named Willa Rose will play a young Nelle. As General Hospital viewers will remember, Nelle and Carly didn’t grow up together. Nelle is said to be Frank’s biological daughter, and he had left Carly behind before raising his new girl.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a major secret that will be addressed during this upcoming episode, one that will generate shockwaves for many present-day characters.

There has been some speculation that this secret will somehow tie to Nina’s necklace, which is supposed to match the one her biological daughter has. However, it’s not clear quite how Carly would be involved in this. Given the latest twist of having Nina hire Nelle at Crimson, some fans are starting to think that it may be Nelle who will end up being Nina’s biological daughter.

The episode, slated to air on Wednesday, April 8, will give viewers a better sense of why and how Carly came to be the fighter she is today. Spoilers share that Frank will be portrayed as a pretty awful guy whose behavior greatly impacted Carly when she was young. It seems that Carly endured a lot of heartbreak and trauma that shaped the person who made plenty of bad decisions once she got to Port Charles.

“There are lots of clues, lots of drama hidden within that will ultimately come out involving Nelle and other characters,” McCoy teased of the upcoming show.

Watros recently revealed that she knows how this daughter situation of Nina’s will be resolved. The General Hospital star promised that the bombshell that drops will be a surprise to both viewers and her character of Nina, but she couldn’t reveal specifics of course.

“Stuff is going to happen over the next few months that’s a really big deal, and this show is really crucial because it sets the scene,” McCoy emphasized.

SheKnows Soaps does tease that answers are finally coming this spring regarding that necklace of Nina’s and the mystery of whether her daughter is still alive or not. If indeed this does connect with Carly and her youth in some way, fans will be curious to see how the writers piece everything together.

Will the developments coming with this Carly-centered episode provide real shockers? Will it have any significant impact on how Carly and Nelle deal with one another in the present day? General Hospital spoilers hint that this is a big episode to watch, and fans will be anxious to see what’s set to go down.

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