Cheyenne Floyd Reveals Why She Isn’t Upset Arguments With Cory Wharton Are Shown On ‘Teen Mom OG’

While Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton co-parent incredibly well together, they still have their disagreements. Many of those arguments are shown on Teen Mom OG and the reality star recently discussed how she feels about the fights being aired on television.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Are you upset it shows you fighting?’ I’m like, ‘No, because people think we’re just smooth sailing all the time, and that’s not it,'” she explained in an interview with Pop Culture.

Admittedly, Cheyenne and Cory make co-parenting look easy. They even do things together “as a family.” Cheyenne recently admitted that often she will get together with Cory and his pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, and they will all spend time with Ryder, the daughter she shares with Cory. The three even spent Christmas together at Cheyenne’s and wore matching pajamas.

As most fans know, Teen Mom OG is filmed months prior to being aired. As a result, everything that is shown happened in the past. Cheyenne admits that plays a part in not getting upset over things Cory may say on the show.

“Watching it back now, we can sit and laugh at it, because we’re just in a different place,” she explained.

Teen Mom OG is not the first MTV show that Cheyenne and Cory have been a part of. They have appeared together on both The Challenge and Are You the One? Cheyenne explained that having those experiences from other reality shows helps their situation, too.

While they have all been able to co-parent well so far, the dynamic will soon change when Cory and Taylor welcome their daughter later this year. Cheyenne opened up about that as well, admitting it will be an “adjustment.”

“Bringing in [Taylor] as a mother and Ryder having a sibling is going to be really different, but we’re making sure we’re all on the same page with Ryder. She wants to be included with the baby,” Cheyenne said, noting that her daughter is “excited” that her dad and Taylor are having a little one.

Of course, while their situation may not be typical, Cheyenne explained that it is their normal. She told the publication that people like to “point out” that the way they do things isn’t necessarily “traditional.” Fans who have been watching Teen Mom OG for years have watched many different dynamics play out and — even though Cory and Cheyenne were just recently introduced to the show — fans seem to be enjoying following their story.

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