Jenelle Evans Says Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Caused ‘Arguments’ With Her Mom Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans haven’t always had the best relationship, but the former reality show star is revealing that things between the two are going much better.

Both Jenelle and Barbara appeared on the hit MTV show Teen Mom 2 for nearly a decade. While plenty of the mother-daughter arguments were captured, Jenelle says it was those same cameras that caused some of the disagreements.

“My mom was always worried about pleasing the producers. That would start arguments between us,” Jenelle explained to InTouch Weekly.

Talking about filming for the show, Jenelle said that they had “no control” over what would end up being shown.

Jenelle was let go from the show last year. When she left her husband, David Eason, and moved from North Carolina to Tennessee, Jenelle says that her mother supported her.

“I told her she can judge me all she wants to, but that I was going to live my life the way I wanted to. I also told her I do not care what MTV or the public has to say about it either. I will move on with my life with or without MTV. She just told me, ‘OK, I understand.'”

Even though Jenelle had the support of her mom, she eventually returned to North Carolina and to her husband. As most fans will recall, Barbara and David didn’t always have a good relationship, either, but according to Jenelle, things are better between them as well.

“They currently have no issues with each other,” Jenelle said about her mother and her husband, adding that it makes her “very happy.”

Now that things are going well for Jenelle and her mother, things with her oldest son are going better as well. Barbara has custody of Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, but Jenelle admits that he has been spending more time with her. Now that kids are out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jenelle says he has been “mainly” at her house.

“I think with her getting older, she is realizing she likes the time to herself,” Jenelle says.

Recently, Jenelle made a YouTube video to update her fans about her life. In the video, she revealed that a fan had asked her if she would ever have Jace full time. Jenelle explained that she is trying to “convince” her mother to let her son live with her all the time, but admitted that her mother still has custody.

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