Kelly Clarkson Introduces Fans To Her ‘Trolls World Tour’ Character In New Insta Video

Kelly Clarkson is excited to show her fans her next project. So excited, in fact, that she took to her personal Instagram page to show off a video of her singing alongside the character she voices in the upcoming animated film Trolls World Tour.

The singer and actress voices – not surprisingly – a singer named Delta Dawn in the upcoming movie. While the actress has been making appearances as herself more often than not these days, it appears she couldn’t pass up the chance to appear alongside what is a rather starstudded cast for Trolls World Tour.

That film was slated to debut in theaters but the coronavirus outbreak changed some plans. The production studio has decided instead to release it early and direct to digital. That move is in line with several other films that are either being released on digital platforms like Apple TV and Fandango or are even coming to Disney Plus quite a bit earlier than expected like Onward.

The video Clarkson posted on her social media account shows the actress singing into a microphone while simultaneously depicting her character performing on stage by belting out a song in an all too familiar voice.

In the caption for the video, Clarkson made it clear she’s excited for her 4.8 million fans to meet Delta Dawn.

One follower was clearly impressed by the performance asking, “have you ever thought of doing a song with your mother in law Reba?”

Another user told Clarkson that they loved the hairstyle Delta Dawn was sporting.

One more follower was clear they were excited to watch Trolls World Tour when it becomes available.

Kelly Clarkson is just one of the major names that signed up to the animated sequel to Trolls. Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, and Ozzie Osbourne are some of the big names in music who will voice starring roles in the upcoming film.

Mary J. Blige and George Clinton are also a part of a diverse cast of musical talents. It turns out that is actually quite important for the plot of the film; two of the main characters from the original movie are discovering their world is quite a bit bigger than they originally thought.

They are about to discover there are many different tribes of Trolls that all love and adhere to different types of music. It’s not hard to learn from Clarkson’s Insta video just what kind of music Delta Dawn is all about.

Trolls World Tour is due to hit streaming platforms on April 10.

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