Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Trina Turns To Ava After Heartbreaking Talk With Mom Portia

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show reveal that Trina will be looking for support after her difficult conversation with her mother Portia. Due to Jordan’s decision to misdirect Internal Affairs regarding the Cyrus situation, Trina has been told that her dad was a dirty cop. Now, the sneak peek for the April 2 episode reveals that she’ll turn to Ava for help.

Trina and Ava started to grow quite close after the teen started working at the art gallery. Now that Portia is front-and-center, the doctor has tried to pull her daughter away from Ava. However, the bond the two formed seems to be just what Trina needs right now, whether Portia likes it or not.

Jordan told Internal Affairs that Taggert and their other two undercover team members made up evidence to ensure that Cyrus would go to jail. In reality, she orchestrated this with the other three men. However, Sonny convinced her to twist the story so that she’d remain in the clear while the other three, all supposedly dead, were blamed.

While Jordan didn’t like doing this, she was backed into a corner. Cyrus’ men have her son TJ, and the only way to get this cleared up is to get the dangerous mob boss out of jail. Unfortunately, this means that Trina had to be briefed on some of the developments.

Portia knew some of what Taggert did when he was undercover, but it doesn’t appear that she knew about the fabricated evidence. Curtis and Jordan filled Portia in on what supposedly went down and she, in turn, broke the news to Trina.

The teen was furious at everybody involved, including her mother, and she left General Hospital on her own. Spoilers from the sneak peek for Thursday’s show suggest that she’ll head for the gallery and open up to Ava.

When Trina gets to the gallery, she’ll be quite flustered as she starts talking to Ava. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that Trina will open up to Ava, and it looks like this happens during this visit. The preview hints that the teenager will say that she needs help understanding something that doesn’t make any sense to her.

It seems likely that Trina will explain to Ava that she’s now been told that her father was dirty, but she’ll resist believing it. Ava will surely do her best to support Trina as she talks through this, perhaps sharing some insight about how good people can still make bad choices.

Trina will seemingly feel better after her talk with Ava, but this surely sets the stage for more drama with Portia. At some point, Portia will probably figure out that Trina is with Ava, and she won’t be happy. Portia has clearly become jealous of how close her daughter has grown to Ava, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this dynamic will grow even more complicated in the coming weeks.

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