Chicago Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo Wants To Organize An All-City Serenade To Healthcare Workers

The captain of the Chicago Cubs is attempting to lift the morale of everyone in the city. Anthony Rizzo caught wind of a video making the rounds on social media showing people in Chicago serenading healthcare workers from their homes. The first baseman retweeted the video and added what he would like to see on Tuesday night from the entire city on his own Twitter account.

“Love Love Love this! Chicago let’s get this going tonight throughout the entire city! 8 PM CST let’s do this. Send me videos tonight thanking your healthcare heroes workers and I will repost!”

Rizzo is trying to get the kind of things people have seen done all over the world in a kind of combination community event and way to thank people who have been working hard to help others during the coronavirus outbreak.

Videos of people standing on their balconies in Italy were among the first to hit social media. Those videos showed people practicing social distancing while also interacting with one another in a way that was geared towards keeping the community together.

The newest video shows people in Chicago doing the same kind of thing, even if things haven’t quite gotten to the level of Italy as far as people being required to stay indoors. Apparently, having seen those videos posted online, users from all over the world have posted their own videos of healthcare workers being applauded during a shift change, or when they come out of their apartments to go to work.

The kind of community activity Rizzo is trying to organize is hardly the only thing the Chicago Cubs star is working on. His organization, The A. Rizzo Foundation has been working with Chicago area organizations and businesses to help those who have been the most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s included activities like delivering meals to people who cannot or are fearful of going outside and into the public.

Rizzo is also not the only member of the Chicago Cubs who has worked to try and help the community during this rather unusual period of time. Jason Heyward, the Cubs’ right fielder was one of the first members of the team to talk about the concerns he had with the outbreak.

Since then, Heyward has put his money where his mouth is, as The Inquisitr reported earlier. Just as the disease started to hit the area the hardest, the Chicago Cubs’ superstar announced he would be donating $200,000 of his own money to food pantries and other organizations helping those who needed it most.

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