‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Dayna Kathan Reacts To Max Boyens Banning Danica Dow From TomTom, Credits ‘Power Trip’

Dayna Kathan doesn’t think Max Boyens had a right to ban Danica Dow from TomTom during last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

During an appearance on The Daily Dish podcast last week — posted on BravoTV — Kathan said that Boyens can be on a power trip at times. Boyens — who she dated during Season 8 — is the general manager of the West Hollywood restaurant, which is co-owned by their co-stars, including Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz. Kathan went on to explain that only the owners can ban people from TomTom, not the general manager.

“I think that Max sometimes is a little bit on a power trip about his role at TomTom,” she said on the show.

According to Kathan, she’s sure that if someone truly did something that was absolutely crazy, Boyens would be able to let that person know they were no longer welcome at the restaurant. However, when it came to his encounter with Dow on last week’s Vanderpump Rules episode, Kathan believed Boyens was simply upset that Dow — who he doesn’t like — said something about him that ultimately turned out to be true.

Although she did acknowledge that Dow did speak out of turn and was drunk during her time at TomTom, Kathan said she has seen much worse behavior at the restaurant.

“I work at TomTom. I’m a bartender and I see the animals that happen past 11 p.m. People get wild there. They’ll black out and do outlandish things and a lot of those people don’t get banned,” she alleged.

Because Kathan doesn’t believe that Dow was doing anything that endangered another person, she can’t get behind Boyens’ decision to ban her from TomTom and said that he was just trying to make sure Dow would no longer be around him when he was working.

“I think he was mad that she told me truths about him and that is the reason he didn’t want her around,” she added.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kathan also discussed Dow’s reputation on Vanderpump Rules during her appearance on The Daily Dish podcast, saying that the SUR restaurant assistant manager does fly off the cuff at times and lives her life out loud. Kathan admitted that Dow is definitely a bit of a wild child on the show, though she said she felt bad that Dow continues to be haunted by her DUI from many years ago.

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