Dallas Cowboys: Jimmy Johnson Seemingly Gives Jerry Jones Cold Shoulder On Hall Induction

What once was a friendship for the ages has turned into quite the rivalry for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson worked well together to build the franchise back to greatness. Then egos reportedly tore the two apart and what had been a strong friendship devolved into nothing more than people who could only stand to be in the same room together, if they had to.

The latest indication that Jones and Johnson aren’t going to be friends anytime soon is how the former Cowboys coach answered the question as to who is going to represent him for his Ring of Honor induction for Dallas.

That induction, by the way, isn’t a given. There have been reports over the last few months that Jones doesn’t want Johnson in the Ring. For those who don’t follow the Cowboys, that Ring is the team’s version of the Hall of Fame. A fan asked Johnson on Twitter how he would feel if Jones were to induct him into the Ring this year.

The former Cowboys coach responded that Troy Aikman would present him and Terry Bradshaw would be there as well. Some followers on his social media channel thought he was talking about the Ring, but he was actually talking about his Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

As Grey Papke of Larry Brown Sports points out, it’s possible Johnson just misread the question. It’s also possible he answered the question in this way to give the cold shoulder to Jerry Jones.

What is evident is that Johnson was talking about two men he’s worked with for years since his coaching career ended. He didn’t make any kind of comment about how thankful he’d be for Jones to give him the honor of putting him into the Ring, however. It would seem he knew exactly what he was responding to and how.

Papke points out there has been plenty of indication that Johnson feels quite strongly about his Hall of Fame induction. At the same time, the writer doesn’t think Johnson feels all that strongly about the Ring of Honor. He did, however, help build the Cowboys back into an NFL dynasty after several years of real struggles.

Johnson’s first year in Dallas saw a 1-15 record. His team went 7-9 the next year, and then it was off to the races. His third year in town he notched an 11-5 record and his third and fourth seasons were back to back Super Bowl wins. His run alongside Jerry Jones abruptly ended after that second championship, and he moved to the Miami Dolphins.

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