John Krasinski And Steve Carell Discuss ‘The Office’ In A Mini, Virtual Reunion

Celebrities have already come up with a number of innovative ways to respond to the coronavirus. Some have held concerts online, while others have taken their talk shows into a more virtual format. John Krasinski has taken the opportunity to launch a new YouTube series called Some Good News. In the show’s first episode, he talks with Steve Carell, who once played his boss on The Office.

The two celebrated the show’s 15th anniversary by sharing some of their favorite memories from their time on the show.

“I was a waiter when I got that job. I was 23 years old. After the pilot, I went back to waiting tables because I was sure nothing was going to happen with it. We all kind of came into it with that vibe. I remember none of us had done anything huge,” Krasinski said.

Krasinski launched Some Good News on Sunday in order to brighten spirits in response to coronavirus. He and Carell discussed the lasting impact of The Office, and the way new people continue to find the show.

“It’s such a happy surprise that after all these years people are still tuning in and finding it today. It’s pretty cool,” Carrell said.

The two also discussed their favorite memories from filming the show, including the filming of the “Fun Run” episode outside when it was apparently 105 degrees. Carell said another one of his favorite memories from the show was the episode where Krasinski’s character Jim impersonated Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight.

He said one of the great things about the show was the way every member of the cast supported one another. Carell said that every member of the cast got chances to shine, and that moment was a showcase for Krasinski’s skills as an impressionist.

Krasinski also addressed rumors that the cast would get together for a full reunion at some point.

“Listen, I know everyone’s talking about a reunion. Hopefully one day we just reunite as people, and just all get to say hi,” Krasinski said.

As Carell and Krasinski reminisce about their time filming The Office, new details are being revealed about the roads the show almost went down. Thanks to details from Andy Greene’s new book The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: An Oral History, it was recently revealed that Jim and Pam were originally supposed to break up in the show’s final season. Eventually, that idea was scrapped because it would have broken the hearts of too many of the show’s die-hard fans.

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