WWE News: Current AEW Star Calls Bret Hart And Shawn Michaels ‘The Worst’ Champions Ever

When those within WWE or other promotions have heat with someone on TV, that doesn’t usually translate to an off-screen beef. Then again, there are some wrestlers — like Jake “The Snake” Roberts — who make no friends by seemingly speaking what comes to mind without any consideration for how it comes across. His latest opinions target two legends — Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels –who Roberts said are “the worst” champions to ever have a world title around their waist.

Many people feel like the WWE Hall of Famer is the best wrestler to never hold a world title in Vince McMahon’s company. Those who look at his history are often surprised he’s never won a single title during all his time in WWF/WWE.

Although he himself hasn’t ever gotten a world title, he has no qualms about letting his feelings about other champions be known. Recently, he went after two of wrestling’s greatest.

On a recent episode of the Flip Da Script podcast — which can be seen on their YouTube page — Roberts spoke on several topics, including the fact that his character in WWE never needed a belt. He knew things worked well for him with his wrestling ability and overall gimmick, so WWE realized he didn’t need a championship to become more popular.

Roberts went on to say that not having a belt was okay with him since he didn’t want the extra responsibilities that a title brings. He did go on to name-drop Hart and Michaels during his conversation.

“Those chumps needed titles,” he said.

While discussing Hart and Michaels, Roberts continued to say that they not only needed titles, but they did nothing to make the championships mean anything.

“You check the books, man. Check the books. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were the worst champions of all. They didn’t put money in the bank.”

When looking at some of the other past champions, Roberts said that both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan had the “it factor” needed to be a huge star. He considers Austin the best champion of all time, but it’s an easy choice when comparing him to guys like Hart and Michaels.

Upon getting to the subject of the infamous Montreal Screwjob, Roberts said that it was nothing more than two men fighting over Sunny, aka Tammy Lynn Sytch.

“You want to know what happened there? You’ve got two little b*tches fighting over a girl…fighting over Sunny. Both of them sticking it to her, and they hated each other for that.”

Hart and Michaels held the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship nine times combined. Many will always consider them legends who were two of the greatest of all time, regardless of how Roberts seems to feel about them.

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