‘Skullgirls’ Getting A Grand Total Of Five DLC Characters

If you’re a fan of the 2D brawler Skullgirls, then you you’re about to have five new reasons to get excited.

The game’s Indiegogo campaign ended on Thursday with a whopping $829,829. This means that fans of the game will be getting a grand total of five DLC characters in the near future. In addition to Squigly and Big Band, fight fans will get Robo-Fortune and two “mystery characters.”

Those who decided to donate at least $1 to the campaign will be able to choose between 32 characters. The most popular choices will be revealed at a later date.

The additional money that Skullgirls made above and beyond its goal will be used to give the second mystery character its own stage and story. Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow recently revealed this information to the folks at NeoGAF.

He explained:

“Non-disclosure agreements with the powers that be prevent me from getting too specific, but in the last week one of our character development line items has evaporated. This means we’ve got an additional $40,000 to play with now. Naturally we’ll be using this money to give the 2nd fan-selected Mysterious Character a stage and story mode.”

In addition to the new DLC characters, the folks behind the 2D fighter will kindly donate the Skullgirls engine to the developers at Mane6. The team is currently putting together a brawler of their very own entitled Fighting is Magic.

When the new characters are finally available for download, anyone who owns Skullgirls can snag them for absolutely free. However, this offer will only be available for a limited time. The DLC will be released at some point down the road.

“Few game developers get to feel what we’re feeling right now, and we are eternally grateful for your efforts on our behalf. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you,” Lab Zero said on Indiegogo.

Are you a fan of Skullgirls? Will you download the new characters whenever they become available?

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