Cardi B Says She Will Start A GoFundMe To Get ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Out Of Prison

Cardi B is volunteering to help the star of Netflix’s Tiger King, Joe Exotic, get out of prison.

The docuseries following the life of the private zoo owner has been a popular topic on social media over the past few days. The series follows Exotic (whose real last name is Maldonado-Passage) and a slew of other characters who also have their own zoos. The story also follows Exotic’s long-standing rivalry with fellow zoo operator, Carole Baskin. Throughout the series, the rivalry between them is shown from different sides, ending with Exotic’s arrest.

Cardi shared her love of the series via Twitter. The “Money” rapper believes that Exotic is innocent and didn’t commit the crimes he has been charged with. The Oklahoma native is currently serving a 22-year sentence for allegedly attempting to have Baskin killed. He was also charged with 17 federal charges of animal abuse.

“They did Joe so dirty over and over again,” Cardi tweeted.

“Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe. He shall be free,” she continued in a separate tweet.

The Grammy winner’s tweets had more than 40,000 likes from Cardi’s millions of Twitter followers. While many of her fans commented that they felt Exotic’s arrest was warranted, several commenters were on Cardi’s side. Some confirmed that they would donate to the cause if she did start a GoFundMe page.

Tiger King has been a fan-favorite on Netflix since its release last week. The seven-part docuseries has been the subject of thousands of posts and memes while the majority of the nation is under quarantine. According to Variety, celebrities like Dax Shepard have offered to lend their talents to playing the role of Exotic if his story becomes a biopic. The series received a rave review by the publication’s TV critic Caroline Framke, who felt that the docuseries could go further into the lives of each of its characters.

“Every episode — whether about Joe Exotic’s political aspirations or the suspicions that Baskin fed a husband to her tigers (really!) — has more than enough material to fuel its own entire miniseries,” Framke wrote. “By and large, Tiger King depends on Joe Exotic’s own entertaining philosophy: come for the big animals, stay for the personalities wrangling them.”

Tiger King is one of the many things Cardi has been vocal about over the past few weeks. Since she has begun self-isolating at home with her family, the “Bodak Yellow” performer has been using her influence to speak about issues like the coronavirus. Most recently, the rapper bashed the U.S. government for testing celebrities for the virus even though some were asymptomatic.

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