AEW News: Cody Rhodes Teases Huge Announcement That ‘Fans Have Been Clamoring For’

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal that All Elite Wrestling will be making a major announcement tomorrow. While the company’s executive vice president didn’t reveal what the news pertains to, he did provide a clue that’s bound to get fans talking among themselves.

“Got to work with my guy @tonyschiavone24 today in the booth some more for AEW: Dark, also…pretty cool announcement coming to you guys tomorrow on “Road To…” Hint: it’s not the video game, but it may be the other thing fans have been clamoring for. #aew.”

If a video is released at the same time as the company’s other Road To videos, it should be available to view on the company’s official YouTube channel tomorrow afternoon. While the details of the announcement are being kept close to the vest for now, chances are it’s related to another singles title or a second weekly show.

The AEW men’s roster keeps growing, so introducing another championship is inevitable at some point. Furthermore, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Rhodes has already confirmed that a Television Championship is in the works, though he doesn’t want the title to be referred to as secondary.

“I think it’s very possible in the next month or so… there will be a prize of some sorts for the guys rising through the ranks, because that is important to wrestling…. but I would never consider it a mid-card title.”

Given that AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view is set to take place in May, announcing a new championship before the show makes sense. The inaugural title-holder will probably be crowned at the show, and determining the top contenders could be a major event on Dynamite in the coming weeks.

However, the company is set to introduce another one-hour show on TNT at some point as well. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tony Khan recently revealed that the network has been so impressed by Dynamite‘s ratings that they’ve commissioned more AEW action as a result.

Khan has remained tight-lipped about the upcoming show for the most part, but perhaps there will be more information about it tomorrow if that’s what the announcement relates to. The AEW chairman has assured fans that the company won’t “oversaturate” the market with content, so it’s highly unlikely that they will introduce new television shows in the future.

It remains to be seen what the big announcement will be, but all will become clear tomorrow.

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