Britney Spears Shops For Easter Goodies At Walmart [Photos]

If you enjoy reading about the sort of things Britney Spears spends her money on, then you’re in for a treat.

The singer was recently seen grabbing some Easter goodies on Saturday in Louisiana. The former X Factor judge was spotted at a local dollar store before heading off to do some shopping.

Britney Spears then ventured into the wilds of an area Walmart to collect some Easter stuff for her kids. You can find pictures of the singer going about her business in the gallery embedded below.

The public has learned quite a bit about Spears’ spending habits in recent weeks. She was recently seen picking up a bucket of food from Kentucky Fried Chicken shortly after her photo shoot with the folks at Shape magazine.

After her family has polished off the fast food, she and boyfriend David Lucado took a quick trip to Starbucks for something to drink.

Last month, fans were given a glimpse at the items Britney Spears intended to grab during a trip to the local grocery store. Included on her list were ginger ale, tomatoes, ham, orange juice, milk, popcorn, bread, chicken, and, last but not least, Lunchables.

The folks who are in charge of keeping track of Spears’ money and how she spends it recently filed paperwork in an effort to make some necessary changes.

The singer’s father reportedly wants to tweak her investment strategy to reflect the “changing market conditions.” It would seem that Spears is still making quite a bit of money these days.

Regardless of how much money she has at her disposal, people seem increasingly interested in how she spends it. Chances are this won’t be the last time someone catches snapshots of Spears as she goes about her daily shopping.

Images of the singer’s pre-Easter shopping trip can be found in the gallery below. Are you a fan of Britney Spears?

[Images via Pacific Coast News]

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