WWE News: Seth Rollins Says He ‘Got The Wrong End Of The Deal’ During Recent Storyline

WWE superstar Seth Rollins is currently one of the biggest heels in the entire company, but the former Universal Champion thinks his storyline against Bray Wyatt, which resulted in “The Beast Slayer” getting booed despite being a babyface at the time, was a bad idea. During an interview with the Cheap Heat podcast, by the way of Sportskeeda, Rollins opened up about his displeasure about having to turn heel.

When asked about his thoughts, Rollins revealed that he had plans to remain a babyface after winning the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at last year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. However, Wyatt was hot at the time, and the fans wanted to see his “The Fiend” persona become a main event star.

“[Turning heel] wasn’t something that I was excited about out of the gate. I feel like I got a raw end of the deal, a raw shake, when it came to what I was doing at the time and the position I was put in with “The Fiend” character and the Hell in a Cell and the Super ShowDown [Crown Jewel] matches after I had just come off what I thought was an incredible match and long story with Brock Lesnar from SummerSlam.”

However, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Rollins was receiving negative reception from the WWE Universe before his rivalry and even said that the heel turn was his own idea. This was presumably down to his outspoken nature and unpopular opinions among wrestling fans, as well the way he conducts himself on social media. According to Rollins, however, his haters were a vocal minority, saying that “the wrong audience was chiming in a little too loudly.”

Rollins did acknowledge that being too comfortable in a babyface role can cause superstars to become complacent, however, and he is re-motivated as a result. Rollins said that he can redirect some resentment back at the fans who have been booing him, even though he understands why they turned on him in the first place.

Rollins has also been using his heel turn to elevate other Monday Night Raw superstars that were previously underutilized by the company. He currently leads a faction that includes Buddy Murphy and The Authors of Pain, and they’ve been involved in a main event storyline involving Kevin Owens in recent months. Rollins also held the Raw Tag Team Championships with Murphy until recently, which gave his younger counterpart his first taste of gold on the red brand.

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