Jim Carrey Is An A**hole: Fox News Host [Video]

Jim Carrey vs. Fox News — the newest reality show feud?

As you know, the actor and several of the Fox News Channel personalities have been engaged in a war of words since Carrey made a “Funny or Die” video that criticized gun owners generally and the late Charlton Heston, a Hollywood legend and Oscar winner for Ben Hur, in particular.

Greg Gutfeld, the irreverent co-host of the highly rated The Five and host of Red Eye (both on FNC), particularly blasted Carrey, but his The Five colleague Dana Perino has now chimed in. Her comments are quite striking in that Perino is usually very proper, mild-mannered, and diplomatic.

Gutfeld asked Perino — who was appearing on Red Eye last night as a panelist — if Carrey was a hypocrite for being a outspoken gun critic when he (Carrey) is protected by an armed bodyguard.

Perino responded to the shock of the other panelists that “In Jim Carrey’s case, it doesn’t make him a hypocrite, it makes him an a**hole.”

Perino, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, went on to say that “Here’s my biggest problem with it. He goes after somebody who can’t defend himself. He goes after Charlton Heston who passed away and it doesn’t even make any sense. Does he think any one of his fans knows, that Charlton Heston—one, all of the great movies he did, and that he was the president of the NRA for five years? They don’t know that, so he’s basically making fun of someone who can’t come bank and defend himself.” She later joked that she gave up “any semblance of a good reputation since I’ve come on [Red Eye].”

Perino noted that Carrey seemed to be making fun of rural America, but at the same time making tons of money from gunplay in the movies. Carrey is not the only vocal gun control supporter in Hollywood that has cashed in on violent films, of course.

Gutfeld quipped that Jim Carrey isn’t smart enough to figure out that “Soylent Green” was people (in a reference to one of Heston’s many notable films, the scifi opus Soylent Green, which was also Edward G. Robinson’s final movie).

If Jim Carrey, who used to have a lot of fans for his comedic work on screen, is really interested in rebooting his career to attract the widest possible audience, would it not be better to steer clear of politics and just concentrate on entertainment?

Watch Dana Perino call Jim Carrey an a**hole on Red Eye:

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