Scheana Marie Admits She Didn’t Want To Exploit Her Affair With Brandi Glanville’s Ex-Husband On ‘Pump Rules’

Scheana Marie didn’t enjoy having to air her dirty laundry on the debut episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 in January.

During a recent episode of Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast, Scheana opened up about the moment in which she and Brandi Glanville sat down at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood SUR restaurant to discuss Scheana’s affair with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian.

“Who would want to film that?” Scheana wondered, noting that because the scene was shot for a pilot, neither she nor Brandi was being paid.

According to Scheana, she and Brandi didn’t want their tough conversation to be “exploited on national television.” However, because she knew she wanted to apologize to the mother of two, she was willing to do so on camera, especially if she would be working on Vanderpump Rules in the future.

“If that needed to take place on camera and that was going to be my job for the next year, or now going on eight, nine, then that’s what I needed to do,” Scheana continued.

While it was certainly not the most ideal situation to launch a series, with an apology to the wife of the man she was once sleeping with, Scheana said she was happy to get her side of things out there for the world. Apparently, a lot of people had made incorrect assumptions about her time with Eddie, and how much she knew about his family.

As Scheana explained, Eddie wasn’t famous at the time they dated and she had no idea he was married. So, while many have slammed her as a mistress, she didn’t feel like one because she believed he was single at the time of their romance. Once she found out Eddie was married, she cut things off with him and decided to apologize to his now-ex-wife.

In addition to filming a hard moment to launch the series, Scheana also went through a rocky patch during Vanderpump Rules Season 8, as The Inquisitr recently reported. The star recently opened up about the issue on Entertainment Tonight.

Looking back on production of the currently airing episodes, Scheana said that during a conversation with one of her co-stars, she suffered an on-camera breakdown.

“I just finally just threw down all my walls and I’m like, yeah, I’m depressed and I’m not happy and here’s why, instead of just acting like, no, I’m fine,” she explained.

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