Kaley Cuoco Calls Herself A ‘Foster Fail’ As She Introduces Fans To Dumpy The Chihuahua

Kaley Cuoco tried fostering a dog for the very first time, and it didn’t work out — in the best kind of way. On Friday, The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to introduce her fans to an adorable elderly chihuahua named Dumptruck, or “Dumpy.” She revealed that she’s been fostering the little furry fellow, and he has found a new home. However, the actress still considers herself a “foster fail.”

Dumpy was Kaley’s special guest on her Instagram morning show, Cup of Cuoco. She began the latest episode by talking about how she’s been doing during California’s statewide lockdown.

“I’ve had some major anxieties over the last few weeks,” she said. “I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to stay sane.”

The animal lover said that she and her husband, fellow equestrian Karl Cook, have been getting out of the house to go visit their horses, which has been helpful. Kaley and Karl also have plenty of animals at home to keep them company, including their new furry friend, Dumpy. She admitted that she wasn’t fond of the senior chihuahua’s name at first, “but it really stuck with him.”

Kaley said that she began looking at applications from people who were interested in adopting Dumpy, but she was finding the process difficult.

“And then I would find myself just bawling my eyes out of the thought of him being not with me,” she recalled.

The actress said that her husband and her friends pointed out that she could foster another dog after she found Dumpy a good home, and she began coming to terms with the idea of letting him go. However, her plans changed after the canine found a surefire way to get the waterworks going again.

“And then yesterday, I woke up, and he was sleeping right next to me and Karl, and I just started bawling again,” Kaley said. “And Karl goes, ‘Why don’t you just accept the fact that he’s yours?'”

Before introducing Dumpy to her viewers, Kaley stated that she did end up finding him “a wonderful home,” and he’ll be sharing it with her, Karl, and all of the couple’s other rescue pets.

“I mean, who am I kidding? We were a major foster fail,” she said as she held “Dumpy Cook” up in front of the camera.

“Yeah, fostering just isn’t for me.”

While Kaley described Dumpy’s personality, she let the slightly chunky white chihuahua walk around on the table she was seated at. She said that the cute canine was “the sweetest, most hilarious, coolest dog.” The actress also remarked that she thinks that Dumpy looks like a burrito, while Karl has said that he’s shaped like a pill.

In addition to Kaley and Karl, Dumpy’s new family includes a tiny terrier named Ruby, Tank the bulldog, and a trio of pit bulls — Kaley’s first rescue dog Norman, his adopted sister Shirley, and Blueberry the blue nose pit. The 34-year-old also has two rescue rabbits named Simon and Leni that reside in a greenhouse in her garage.

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