‘Love Is Blind’ Star Giannina Gibelli Poses For Sultry Photo As Dog Licks Her Wine Glass

Love Is Blind star Giannina Gibelli posed for a new photo with a dog and a wine glass, but she wasn’t taking a page from her co-star Jessica Batten’s playbook.

In a new photo posted to Instagram, Giannina, one of the most popular stars from the Netflix dating experiment, sat on a couch with a friend’s dog on her lap and a wine glass in her hand.

The blond beauty wore a low-scoop brown top and jeweled clips in her hair as she called her “patience” with a vintage phone. Elsie, an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, licked the stem of the wine glass.

In comments to the post, many fans reacted to Giannina’s gorgeous looks, but others zeroed in on the wine glass and its proximity to the sweet puppy’s face.

“I guess it’s not just Jessica’s dog that loves wine,” one follower wrote.

“Do not give that dog wine like Jessica,” added another.

“As much as the dog may love wine, don’t give it any,” a third fan wrote to Giannina.

In Giannina’s photo, the dog’s face is nowhere near the goblet part of the wine glass, so there’s no danger of the pup drinking any of the white blend that the Love Is Blind star is sipping. But the photo does bring to mind one of the most controversial moments on the first season of the binge-worthy reality TV dating show, which debuted last month on Netflix.

Love Is Blind fans may recall that — in a memorable scene on the show — series star Jessica and her then-fiancé Mark Cuevas were seen drinking red wine as they discussed their 10 year age difference. During the chat, Jessica tipped her glass to allow her dog to take a sip of the wine. She then continued to drink from the same glass.

“She loves wine,” Jessica said of her dog.

In a later interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jessica said she had never given her dog wine before and was just nervous during the conversation with Mark.

“I definitely have never done that before,” the Love Is Blind star said. “I won’t do that again. I think I was just really uncomfortable. I don’t even remember doing it.”

She received a ton of backlash on social media for her irresponsible on-camera move, but Giannina’s fans don’t need to worry, as the dog in her photo doesn’t seem to be able to reach the wine.

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