‘Pump Rules’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Once Gave Up On James Kennedy, Says Raquel Leviss Is His Greatest Support

Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t quite ready to give James Kennedy a second chance after learning he was getting sober for the umpteenth time during Tuesday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8.

During an appearance of this week’s Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Vanderpump explained that because Kennedy had made so many shallow statements in the past, she didn’t trust that his intentions would come into fruition, especially after seeing the horrible way he was treating his longtime girlfriend, Raquel Leviss.

“I got to the point where… No, I wasn’t going to give him another chance because I felt that by me being invested in was just bolstering whatever story he cared to give me at that time. So I actually cut myself off from him,” she related.

According to Vanderpump, she put her foot down with Kennedy and began ignoring his calls and text messages. As she explained, it had truly gotten old to see her former employee continue to make the same mistakes because of his drinking. After she learned how he was treating Leviss, she was further convinced that he was not ready to change.

Earlier this month, during an episode of Vanderpump Rules, it was revealed that Kennedy had sent a number of abusive text messages to Leviss where he slammed her as a “slut” and a “whore” after she failed to answer her phone during a night out with her girlfriends, including their co-star Scheana Shay.

As the After Show continued, Vanderpump said she was quite confident in Kennedy’s love for Leviss and didn’t want to see the DJ do something that would ultimately end their relationship. After all, she didn’t deserve the treatment she was getting and could have easily walked away.

“She’s been his greatest kind of support,” Vanderpump said.

While Kennedy and Leviss have gone through a number of rocky moments in recent years on Vanderpump Rules, Shay recently confirmed they are now in a much better place. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she told Entertainment Tonight‘s Brice Sander that Kennedy and Leviss are in a “great place.” She also praised Leviss for sticking up for herself to Kennedy and demanding that he quit drinking.

“Raquel is a saint, she’s a very forgiving person and this was the breaking point for her,” Shay said. “She had finally had enough [and] I was so proud of her for standing up for herself and speaking up.”

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