‘GI Joe’ And ‘Transformers’ Could Make Movie Crossover

GI Joe and Transformers characters could come together in their own movie crossover, according to the producer for GI Joe: Retaliation.

These characters might cross paths because both are owned and have been developed by Hasbro, Paramount Pictures, and producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Bonaventura remarked, “I guess it’s possible. At this moment I [would] resist it. I don’t know necessarily why, but I just think there’s so much that’s so rich in the mythologies that I don’t think they need to draw from the other.”

He also added, “I don’t rule it out. It’s not to say you couldn’t do it well, but both these properties have such rich mythologies with so many characters, that you could [make] a lot of movies before you start running out of ideas of what to do.”

Bonaventura then concluded, “But if I heard a story where we went, ‘Oh my God’ … I could see a story about machination, machination of war and that could lead you to a Transformer.”

Of course, this combination won’t be seen for quite a while as Transformers 4 is about to start shooting, and GI Joe: Retaliation has only just been released.

Transformers 4 is to be filmed in Michigan, and Margaret O’Riley, director of the Michigan Film Office, stated, “It speaks volumes about all Michigan has to offer that Transformers is returning once again to our state. This project will shine another bright spotlight on Michigan and provide tremendous opportunities for our cast, crew, and support services.”

The film’s production is set to bring close to 400 jobs to the state. Transformers 4 has been written by Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s Ehren Kruger, and Michael Bay is returning to the director’s chair for the fourth time in the franchise’s history.

Would you like to see GI Joe and Transformers meet up in their own movie?

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