Cleveland Browns Rumors: Trent Williams Still A Possibility If Asking Price Is Lowered

The Cleveland Browns have been plenty busy this offseason. Now, there are rumors they could add at least one more weapon to their cache.

This time, the weapon isn’t a wide receiver or running back. Instead, the Browns are said to still be interested in acquiring current Washington Redskins offensive lineman, Trent Williams.

According to Timothy Rapp of Bleacher Report, the Browns had inquired about Williams a week ago but ended up finding the asking price just a little too high. Despite there not being a trade worked out then, there is talk that the two sides could come back to the table in the very near future.

Mary Kay Cabot of says Cleveland would still like to find a way to get Williams and would absolutely continue pursuing him if the price was lowered. Events on Tuesday morning have hinted the price, indeed, could lower soon.

Adam Schefter posted a message from Williams’ agents on Twitter that made it clear the offensive lineman wants out of Washington as soon as humanly possible. Part of the text said the Redskins were being unduly difficult in trade negotiations for the player. This, despite the fact the team knows there is no way he will return to the ‘Skins.

The agents also said they were even given permission to seek a trade themselves, but when they went back to the front office with offers they thought were fair, they were rejected.

The message also stated that Williams has tried to show respect by staying quiet about how unhappy he is with the situation. The team continuing to drag its feet has, in their words, forced his hand to come out publicly and make it clear that he wants to be released.

Cabot added that there are a number of different factors the Browns are weighing when it comes to pursuing Williams. The first is that the left tackle market is fairly deep in the upcoming draft. The Redskins’ player is also 32 years old. It’s unclear just how much playing time he’s got left. In that regard, it might actually be helpful that he sat out the 2019 season.

One mark in favor of the Browns going after Williams is his old position coach in Washington, Bill Callahan, has the same job in Cleveland these days. Cabot also pointed out that Trent Williams is under contract until 2021 and he’s got talent the level of Joe Thomas so Baker Mayfield would have his blindside protected for years. Whether that’s enough for the Browns to offer something in trade when they might be able to wait Washington out is something fans will reportedly see in the near future.

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