‘Dredd’ Sequel Probably Won’t Happen, Says Producer

Dredd producer Adi Shankar said a sequel to the action flick probably won’t happen.

Although the film received strong reviews when it debuted in theaters last year, moviegoers didn’t bother to show up. Since the film failed to lure people to cinemas, Shankar recently stated that fans shouldn’t hold their collective breath for a follow-up.

“Probably not,” the producer explained during a recent interview on Reddit. “But I am working on a ‘Dredd’ short in the vein of ‘#DirtyLaundry.’ You’re actually the first person to know about this.”

#DirtyLaundry is a short Punisher film which finds Thomas Jane reprising his role from director Jonathan Hensleigh’s 2004 adaptation. The short also features Ron Perlman. You can find the film embedded below.

Dredd proved to be popular with those who actually turned up to see it in theaters. Unfortunately, the film didn’t generate enough money in cinemas or home video to warrant a follow-up.

When the flick debuted in theaters last September, it only managed to make around $6 million on opening weekend. The film would only make an additional $7 million before disappearing from theaters.

While action movies tend to fare much better overseas, Dredd also failed to connect with moviegoers in foreign markets. The film’s worldwide total currently stands at approximately $35 million. Given that its yet to recoup its $50 million budget, it should come as no surprise that a sequel is off the table.

According to Adi Shankar, fans may have a Dredd short film to look forward to at some point in the near future. As long as Karl Urban reprises his role as the no-nonsense law enforcement official, those who enjoyed the film should be extremely happy.

If you’re a fan of Thomas Jane’s Punisher, then you definitely need to see #DirtyLaundry. You can find the short film embedded below. The film is a little gritty, so viewer discretion is advised.

Are you a fan of director Pete Travis’ Dredd? Are you disappointed the movie isn’t getting a proper full-length sequel?

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