NFL Rumors: Los Angeles Chargers Are Out On Jameis Winston

While there has been quite a bit of movement on the quarterback front so far, there are a few signal-callers who aren’t getting that much attention or interest. Cam Newton has been officially offered up for trade by the Carolina Panthers but thus far, hasn’t had any takers. There are some whispers the team might have to release him rather than get any return on him. Jameis Winston, the league’s leading passer a year ago, appears to be in a similar situation — with one big difference.

Winston is already a free agent, able to sign with any team that offers him a contract. So far, there hasn’t been a team that has blown him away. In fact, rumors are swirling there may not be a team that blows him away or offers him a starting job. Scott Polacek of Bleacher Report says the Los Angeles Chargers were one of the last teams thought to be a possible landing spot for Winston.

They still haven’t replaced Phil Rivers, who signed this offseason with the Indianapolis Colts. Polacek added that Adam Schefter talked about the situation on Monday’s edition of ESPN‘s Get Up. Schefter said the Chargers aren’t really that interested in the former Tampa Bay Buc. Schefter said there really isn’t a situation at this point that would be a no-brainer for Winston. The analyst further put Los Angeles out, likely meaning the Florida State product will have to take a backup role and bide his time in 2020.

“We’ve got a situation where Jameis Winston finds himself much in the same situation that Ryan Tannehill was in last year. It’s no longer a question of Jameis Winston finding a starting job. It’s finding the right job that he believes has the chance to grow in the future, maybe compete for the job and better his situation for the 2021 season. But he’s not going to land a starting job on paper for 2020.”

Polacek does point out the Ryan Tannehill path isn’t necessarily the death of Winston’s career. It worked out rather well for the former Miami Dolphin, as a matter of fact. Tannehill was able to win the starting job in Tennessee and took the Titans to a Wild Card playoff berth, as well as the AFC Championship game. He has since signed a new, rather lucrative deal.

The man who began 2019 as the Titans’ starting quarterback, Marcus Mariota, has since left town. He signed a deal to be the backup for the Las Vegas Raiders. If Jameis Winston is going to start for a team in 2020, it appears he’ll have to hope for the same kind of outcome.

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