‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Wiley’s Medical Crisis Has Michael Rattled

The weekly previews for General Hospital posted on Monday reveal plenty of drama coming up for some residents of Port Charles. One of them includes Wiley having a medical crisis that has Michael pretty frantic.

Michael is first seen at the Quartermaine mansion, calling out frantically that they need to get Wiley to the hospital. The next scene is him and Sasha bringing the little guy to the ER and Monica telling them that Wiley needs surgery. She didn’t say what kind of surgery, but the likely scenario is that it has to do with the heart issue that Wiley was diagnosed with back in 2018 when he was just a baby. Now it appears that the heart condition may come into play. Soap Central indicates that Michael will weigh what Monica tells him carefully, but it’s obvious that he will be quite worried about whatever his son needs surgery for.

Michael was also diagnosed with the same heart issue when he was a baby and had to have surgery to repair it. He hasn’t had any problems since then. Monica sounded like it may just be the same kind of surgery that Wiley needs now.

Some General Hospital fans seem to think that this medical crisis may lead to some kind of twist in this complicated storyline. One viewer thought that Wiley may need a blood transfusion and that’s when they find out that Michael really isn’t Wiley’s father after all. Of course, that might be a stretch. Another scenario that has been put out there is that Nelle may be the only one who could save Wiley’s life. Would Michael be so grateful that he changes his mind about their custody battle? That seems to be pretty doubtful at this point.

Just last week, Sasha had suggested that maybe Michael should marry Willow Tait instead of her in an effort to win the custody battle against Nelle. That is still a consideration, as everyone who loves and cares for Wiley will do anything to keep Nelle away from the little guy. However, this medical crisis may change things up a bit.

Nelle will be starting a new job soon since Nina is expected to hire her to replace Maxie at Crimson. Once she gets wind of her son’s trip to the ER, Nelle may try to use that against Michael in court. If it is the heart issue that needs to be fixed, that certainly wouldn’t stand up in court as being negligent, but it seems like Nelle would give it a try anyway. Viewers are anxious to see how Nelle will react to her son’s plight this week on General Hospital.

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